Can Soaking In a Coconut Oil Bath Help Yeast Infection?

Can soaking in a coconut oil bath help yeast infection
Can soaking in a coconut oil bath help yeast infection

Coconut oil is a fatty acid that has powerful antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-parasite, and antifungal properties. In other words, it can kill various bacteria, viruses, parasites, and certain species of yeast.

Coconut oil does have antifungal properties, the strength of its antifungal properties may not be enough to eradicate a vaginal yeast infection.

coconut oil shouldn’t be used to treat a yeast infection among women who are pregnant, as there isn’t sufficient safety data available on this. Additionally, coconut oil shouldn’t be used for recurring yeast infections, and that you should always confirm that you have a yeast infection before using this treatment.

Can you put coconut oil on your VAG if it’s itchy?

For patients with chronic yeast infections, lichen sclerosis or vulvodynia (chronic pain of the vulva), coconut oil can also provide some relief form itching and burning sensations. Most patients find coconut oil very soothing. I recommend applying a generous amount to labia twice a day in these setting.

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Is it safe to use coconut oil for yeast infection?

Coconut has high content of lauric, capric and caprylic acid. These acids are antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial in nature. It removes the harmful bacteria, keeping the friendly ones.

The lauric acid strengthens body immune system, to help fight against yeast infection.

Caprylic acid prevents the yeast population from multiplying by breaking down its cell membrane.

Coconut oil is effective in killing fungal growths and increases the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Coconut oil on tampon for yeast infection?

If you have a yeast infection and want to give coconut oil a try as a treatment. One way is applying coconut oil to a clean tampon and then inserting it into your vagina. Alternatively, “it can also be rubbed the vagina area with fingers.” It is recommended using coconut oil this way at bedtime until your symptoms resolve.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Yeast Infection

What you will need:

Extra virgin coconut oil two to three table spoons.

How to apply:

Clean the yeast affected area and pat it dry. If it is a sensitive area then use a hair drier.

Apply a thin layer of coconut oil on the infected area.

Repeat this process thrice a day until the infection is cured.

If the yeast infection is in the mouth then melt two table spoons of the oil.

Once it comes to a reasonable temperature swish it in your mouth for ten seconds and spit it out.

Do not eat or drink anything for the next 30 minutes.

Repeat this process thrice a day until the infection is cured.

How long does it take for coconut oil to clear a yeast infection?

Most people report yeast infections to be cleared up within a few days of regular coconut oil application in a topical form. Consuming coconut oil to address yeast infections could take slightly longer, as the body has many different potential uses for coconut oil it is given. If you are regularly treating your yeast infection with coconut oil, but are seeing no improvement, it may be time to see a doctor and discuss pharmaceutical options, or an adjustment to your natural health approach.

Can soaking in a coconut oil bath help yeast infection?

Baths using this oil are also effective methods of treating the vaginal variety of yeast infections. You only need to drop in a teaspoon or two of oil into the bath, and then soak for 10-15 minutes. Doing this once a day should clear up the infection within a week.

How to use coconut oil suppositories for yeast infection?

Some people choose to use a pure coconut oil suppository, which consists of pouring two tablespoons of coconut oil into a silicon mold and then refrigerating them for approximately 20 minutes. This suppository can then be inserted into the vagina and allowed to dissolve, and be absorbed by the affected membranes.

Can coconut oil throw off your pH balance?

Coconut oil has a high pH, making it alkaline, while the normal pH of the vagina is acidic. These properties can disrupt the natural pH balance of your vagina. This upset can cause yeast infections or other vaginal infections.

What does organic coconut oil do for the vagina?

Organic Coconut Oil can help to increase vaginal moisture, improve tissue quality and hydrate the delicate tissue around the vagina. It can also be used to make sexual activity more comfortable. Our wipes are a great certified organic solution to vaginal dryness, itching, burning, and more.

Does coconut oil kill fungus?

Research shows that coconut oil has antifungal properties. Researchers have established that coconut oil is an effective anti-fungal. Studies indicate that coconut oil may be effective against Candida albicans, a type of fungus that is most commonly responsible for fungal infections.

One study, published in 2015, examined whether coconut oil could reduce C. albicans infections. The authors reported a “10-fold drop in colonization in mice fed coconut oil.”

Another study Trusted Source, conducted in Nigeria and published in 2007, found that, in the lab, coconut oil effectively fought off a range of fungal species. The authors concluded:

What part of coconut oil kills Candida?

The caprylic acid in coconut oil is the most effective of the fatty acids in fighting Candida. Caprylic acid works by penetrating the cell walls of the Candida yeast, and causing it to rupture. This inhibits the growth of the yeast cell and eventually destroys it.

Is it safe to use coconut oil on your vagina?

It’s generally considered safe to apply coconut oil liberally to the external skin of your vagina. If you want to use coconut oil internally, talk with your doctor beforehand. You should always do a skin patch test before applying coconut oil to your vaginal area.

Can coconut oil cause irritation in vagina?

Too much use of coconut oil may alter the vagina PH. This may cause vagina infection.

It is recommended to use coconut oil in moderation.

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